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Brian Grimm was born in the small town of Celina Ohio.  At the age of eighteen he left home to attend The Ohio State University majoring in Business Marketing. While at Ohio State he fell in love with flying and eagerly pursued a commercial flight career taking lessons at The Ohio State University Airport.  Due to changes in the financial aid system during his senior year he found himself unable to afford the cost of flight school.  Not wanting to give up his dream of flight he joined The United States Coast Guard in November of 1997 with the dream to save up enough money and return to commercial flight training.  


After a ridged two-month boot camp he was transferred to Yorktown Virginia to attend Quartermaster ship navigation training.  He spent a little over three months learning to be a navigator, graduated, and was transferred to Puerto Rico where he assumed the position of Operations Assistant and second in charge of Navigation of the Coast Guard Cutter Cushing.  Because of his hard work and dedication he earned the right to take over as head of Operations at the end of his first year.  During his two years aboard Cushing he and the crew engaged in 55 rescue missions, intercepted more than two tons of cocaine, and took more than two hundred and fifty illegal migrants into custody.  

In the summer of 2000 he left the operation tempo and was transferred to the Coast Guard Regional Examination Center located in Baltimore Maryland.   His main job was to license Ship Harbor Pilots and audit Coast Guard Approved Schools located in Pennsylvania, Delaware, Maryland, and Virginia.  During his time in Baltimore he obtained a commercial ship captains license and increased his knowledge of the water by becoming an avid sailor.  During this time he fulfilled one of his life long dreams by purchasing a 27-foot Hunter sailboat named Alegria (Spanish for Joy and Happiness) in January of 2005.


After leaving the Coast Guard in August 2004 he returned to his final year of college and obtained his bachelors degree in Business Marketing from Towson University located in Towson Maryland.  Because of the problems commercial airlines face today he decided to forgo his flight career and pursue a career in writing.


After taking some time off to start his first novel Vieques he purchased a Landscaping Business in Maryland. He is currently enjoying the fun and challenges of business ownership while keeping his pasion alive by writing in his spare time. This is his first novel of many yet to come.

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