About The Book 

     When a training missile fails to hit its intended target and explodes in an area where the President of the United States was supposed to view the exercise, it initially appears to be an accident.  To investigate the situation, the White House calls on the Office of Domestic Readiness and the abilities of Eric Hunter and Brad Spencer.
     They travel to the island of Vieques to look into the incident and quickly realize that it was no accident.  Before Hunter and Spencer have any time to assess the situation, they find themselves plunged into a chase that results in gunfire where both have to fight for their lives.
     The truth they learn goes deeper than they could possibly imagine leading to the front door of one of the most powerful and wealthiest men in the world.  They have to tread lightly on the trail as they pursue him without raising too many eyebrows.
     With the unofficial backing of the President, they hunt down the truth from the island of Puerto Rico to the mountains of the Austrian Alps.


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